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The Familiar Doesn't Have to Turn into the Ho-Hum

writing by Jennie Antolak, MCC and video by the talented Nicole Pesce

Escape (The Pina Colada Song) isn't just a fun, catchy tune. It is also an explicit reminder that there is much more to experience in life if we are curious, even in places that seem all too familiar. Nicole Pesce takes that message and raises it to a new level by demonstrating that even something as mundane as Happy Birthday can come to life by switching her approach to how she plays it. The video clip below illustrates the benefits of her different perspectives.

As Nicole Pesce blows your mind with her piano playing in "How to play Happy Birthday like Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, Bach, and Mozart," we invite you to consider what you could gain if you found creative ways to source the extraordinary from the standard tunes that play out in your everyday life.

Powerful Questions:

  • What familiar tune in your life needs a new twist?

  • What emotions or opportunities will get to be expressed when you change your tune?

  • Where do you need to play your song backwards and upside down?

  • How will playing from that new angle showcase your talents and gifts to the world?

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