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About Learning Journeys




As Ruthie (LJ's founder) was completing her coaching final the instructor took it from her and tore it up.  He told Ruthie she had taken coaching beyond where it was at that time.  He suggested she go back to Minnesota and start her own coaching school. Inspired, Ruthie enlisted her daughter Jennie in the idea and six months later they launched their first course, The Power of Possibility.  Upon completion students asked, “What’s next?” This simple question spurred coaching certifications, books, resources and more. 

Who's idea was this?

What is this place?


Learning Journeys is more than a coach training institute. We are a family committed to the growth and success of those who come in and out of our lives. As many families do, we challenge, encourage, and anticipate greatness from you. Learning Journeys is a safe and yet crazy (fun) place to learn. We expect that you will experiment, be messy, put aside your limitations of being human, fully commit to uncovering, and embracing your true gifts and talents. This is not a place to hide. It is a place to expose your abilities, so others are courageous enough to do the same. 

Learning Journeys:
A place where belonging and becoming meet.

Awakening stories for the world.


  • Primary:  To provide innovative and invigorating coach training, tools and techniques that result in meaningful and measurable outcomes.

  • Secondary: To provide a destination for others to grow their business, expand their minds and refresh their souls.

​Underlying Beliefs:

  • Education: We believe that when training transforms a participant from a learner of tools to an explorer of experimentation possibility and outcomes multiply for the student and their future clients.

  • Publication: We believe that when coaching tools and resources tap into creativity people's editing halts and imagination is fueled.

  • Research: We believe that it is imperative ongoing research of outcomes is conducted to further validate and raise awareness of the impact of coaching.

  • Collaboration:  We believe people need a place to be stretched, challenged and fed so their gifts and talents are fully utilized and applied in the world.

  • Destination: We believe it is important that when clients step into our space they feel they have come home and anything is possible.