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learning on the fly

Here's to all the individuals who love to learn but don't always have the time or means to hangout with us in person. We created a place just for you. Coach on the Run your very own online learning journey. This is your space to develop and grow your coaching business while further enhancing your skills as as a coach. Expect new business and coaching classes each month. And, earn ICF approved CEU's for the identified coaching courses.
Note: Business development classes are not considered continuing education.

Tirzah Lewis

Jennie Antolak

Several bundles are available for purchase. The Coach on the Run: Business, Resources & CEU Coaching Courses are exclusively Learning Journeys classes.  Each month new business and coaching courses will be added to your library. This will allow you to continually develop your business, enhance your coaching proficiency, and grow your coaching toolbox. 

We also partnered with experts in their fields to provide you additional valuable courses to build your business. (We do not own these courses and so they must be purchased separately.) All of our partners are graduates of Learning Journeys and we have personally tap into and experienced success from their wisdom. We hope you enjoy what they have to share as much as we have.

Business Partner Bundles:

  • The Business Side of Coaching - Public Speaking Edition

  • The Business Side of Coaching - Web & Social Media Edition

  • The Business Side of Coaching - LinkedIn (Almost Here!!!)

Jennie Antolak & Tirzah Lewis will still be leading you through your learning just like they do in person. They will also be available for questions and support. Jennie & Tirzah are just one click away. Enroll today.

Enjoy monthly additions of business development courses and coaching courses developed and taught by the Learning Journeys Team. This bundle is $24.95 for students and graduates of LJ.

All Learning Journeys students and graduates are eligible for a student discount.

When purchasing, it will ask you if you have a coupon. Click on this link to enter in your code. If you don't have the code please email Amy at For Amy to send you the correct code, she needs to know exactly what bundle you are purchasing. Each bundle has a separate code.


* Enjoy $20 off for the Speaking & Web and Social Media Editions.

Two of our trusted partners are below.
More on the way!

Wait! There is more!!!


Image by Bethany Legg


Before you go, check ​out below for another worthwhile approach to

enhancing your vision of self, your ideas and/or your business.

Dreaming, Drinking & Scheming

For those of you seeking a creative and fun way to refine your ideas and fuel your motivation join us for an additional online experience-Dreaming, Drinking & Scheming.

Working Together

Here are few of the past writing assignments and participant's results:

     Lexann Reischl Writing Assignment

  • Out of Site, Out of "Mine"

    • What if you overhear someone sharing how they are living their dream and how amazing life is because if it. When suddenly you realize their dream was your idea.

The purpose of our ideas and dreams are to make them real. They are our pathway to fully participating in and contributing to life. The problem is other priorities compete for our attention-demanding us to focus on what already exists versus what we hold in our imagination. The solution, be accountable to all our responsibilities and heck, have fun while doing so.

‘Join us every other Thursday for Dreaming, Drinking & Scheming. Here you will be able to lubricate your visions via writing, learning, and collaborating socially. The experience will allow you to refine, rehearse, and realize your ideas amongst other dreamers. And, the more you join us, the more you will notice how much easier it is to accomplish all your other obligations.

When: Every 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month

Times: 5:30-7:30 Happy Hour

Where: Online via Zoom


  • Individuals seeking unique ways to give voice to their ideas

  • Individuals wanting to enhance and/or continue to utilize writing as a vehicle for exploring and expressing what restlessly resides inside that longs to live outside of them

  • Individuals desiring to convey a message they would not have developed on their own and they are proud to share with others

  • Individuals craving a community that allows them to leave the critic behind and explore their uncensored authentic self in a safe and crazy fun way

You DO NOT need to be a coach to join us.  Anyone who has an idea and wants to learn through writing how to express it is welcome here.

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