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    Saturday at the Center

    Preview of 2020

    2020 is the year of living one's preferred narrative. To assist in doing so, we are relaunching TEN: A Way of Being. This book introduces people to the narrative coaching practice and approach that aids people in scripting stories worth living.


    We make sense of our lives based on the stories we tell ourselves and others taken from our interpretations of our experiences. The stories we establish along our path are the core of our suffering and the edge of our liberation. It is these narratives that define and continually influence who we are in the world. Our stories can be so compelling that we see them as the only truth blinding us from alternative realities. The book TEN helps us step outside of these stories long enough to notice other options available to us.


    While there are many components to Narrative Coaching, at the heart of each is enhancing self-awareness. Through our many years of research, development, and implementation of coaching, we've realized that without self-awareness, one cannot fully change. Self-awareness is foundational to a person's success and life satisfaction. In fact, "83% of people with high self-awareness are top performers" (Emotional Intelligence 2.0) conscious of what needs adjusting to make the most out of each situation. We also discovered that people struggle to know how to develop their self-awareness, so we created a method to assist those seeking a simple yet profound way of achieving awareness. We call it the practice of "being" and utilize our ten Committed Ways of Being™(CWB) elements and model to strengthen self-awareness. The CWB method stimulates awareness of how people are relating to themselves, others, and their world, which then multiplies their options of how better to respond. Recognizing additional ways of responding frees them from feeling trap inside a story and instead equips them with the ability to script a new narrative. 

    2020 is dedicated to exploring TEN: A Way of Being and diving deep into each CWB.  Throughout the year you will learn creative techniques to assist others as well as yourself in how to live a story worth sharing.

    Saturday @ the Center

    (Network Sessions)


    Grab your coffee, a notebook or journal, and perhaps a friend for this monthly Saturday event.  Together, we will explore a unique topic that stretches the mind, refuels the spirit and adds to your coaching resources.  Each two hour session introduces you to a new coaching tool ensuring you keep your skills fresh and your toolbox full.

    Cost: $20.00

    Time: Saturdays 10 am-12 pm

    Location: Learning Journeys, 724 Bielenberg Dr.,
    Woodbury, MN

    2020 Calendar Topics:

    • Jan 11, 2020 
      TEN: A Way of Being

    • Feb 1, 2020
      Be Awake

    • Mar 7, 2020
      Be Appreciative

    • Apr 4, 2020
      Be Accountable

    • May 2, 2020
      Be Aware

    • June 6, 2020
      Be Candid

    • July 11, 2020
      Be Trustworthy

    • Aug 1, 2020
      Be Curious

    • Sept 5, 2020
      Be Observant & Grateful

    • Oct 3, 2020
      Be Flexible

    • Nov 7, 2020
      Be Prepared

    • Dec 5, 2020-This is in place of Saturday@theCenter.
      (Cost TBD)

      Stories for the World Event

    Cost: $20.00

    Time: Saturdays 10 am-12 pm

    Location: Learning Journeys, 724 Bielenberg Dr.,
    Woodbury, MN