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Corn Maize Labyrinth

Our Work

This page is a coaching collection in many different forms, from books to podcasts, to genuine coaching sessions. If you like what you see, let us know. Also, reach out to us if there is something you are searching for and would love to find here. We are just one email or call away at either or 651.402.2975. We look forward to hearing from you.


About the Book

by Ginnymarie M. Leines & Ruth M. Godfrey

This self-improvement book helps you step into your dreams, creating a purposeful, hopeful, and rewarding life for you and the people you love.

To read more about and order the book CLICK HERE.

About the Journal

by Ginnymarie M. Leines & Ruth M. Godfrey

Learn how to find your safe landing living in turbulent times!! Know it is yours and your only! Feel the freedom and satisfaction of how that shows up for you. Unveil your answers through guided journaling awakening what you already know. Mindful, thought provoking, and easy to do, The Journal invites you to move through the pages creating your journey into awareness and personal acknowledgement.

To read more about and order the book CLICK HERE.


Coming this April!

Wait, Ask Me Another! Podcast Cover (1).png

Podcast w/Resources

hosted by Jennie Antolak & Tirzah Lewis

Join Jennie Antolak, President of Learning Journeys, and Tirzah Lewis, Director of Creative Development, on this learning journey we call life. Together they explore the simple and complex elements that keep us from or propel us toward living meaningful lives. Each conversation is part learning, part storytelling, and part coaching. They will share research,  coaching techniques, and tools. Jennie and Tirzah will coach each other to demonstrate how easy it is to start, stop, detour, and wander no matter how inviting the destination. They also will show how simple questions can produce profound results. This podcast isn't just a conversation between two friends or coaches; they invite you into every discussion so you can discover for yourself what will enhance the journey and ensure you make it to your destination. And as a bonus, each session includes a tool to use on yourself or others.

Jennie Coaching Tirzah

What does a genuine coaching session look like?  Check out Jennie coaching Tirzah as Tirzah tries to uncover for herself what she needs to stay present and not be distracted by past or future temptations. In the session Jennie stays true to Tirzah's goal and to the metaphors she uses to describe her situation.

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