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group coaching

Invest in Our

Inside Out  Wellbeing program.

This course is for individuals seeking a prepackaged proven curriculum that improves resiliency and increases self-efficacy.  We provide you with the training, tools, and resources to immediately implement within an organization or on your own.  


Included in the package:


  • 2.5 days training

  • coaching guide

  • participant workbook

  • 12 coaching session tools

  • marketing materials

  • assessment

  • on-going support


Cost: $1500.00





Inside Out

Wellbeing program

(prerequisite: Coach Practitioner Certification)

What is the Inside Out Wellbeing program?

The Inside Out Wellbeing program is a group coach approach to wellbeing.  It is designed to help develop resilience for managing stress, raise awareness of personal responses to self, others and situations, learn creative techniques for dealing with challenging circumstances, and expand perspective for seeing opportunities within obstacles.


Why is this needed?

  • When individuals find themselves in stressful situations poor judgment increases and consideration of values decreases

  • Stress can lead to individuals procrastinating or neglecting responsibilities

  • Stress overload pushes people toward depression or general unhappiness

  • The more stress increases the more people feel lost and isolated

However, research on well-being shows:

  • Boosting a person’s occupational (what a person does each day) wellbeing reduces anxiety and depression. (Gallup, 2011)

  • Connecting with and supporting others increases belief in self and decreases stress. (Gallup, 2011)

  • Small increases in social cohesiveness lead to large gains in production. (Gallup, 2011)

  • Relating to others serves as a buffer during tough times, which in turn improves cardiovascular functioning and decreases stress levels.  (Gallup, 2011)

What are people struggling with internally?

  • Loneliness /Feeling isolated

  • Trouble making friends

  • Stress

  • Cultural adjustments

  • Housing problems

  • Romantic relationships

  • Body image issues

  • Sexuality

  • Substance abuse

  • Unhealthy relationships 

  • Financial problems

  • Family struggles

  • Sexually Transmitted Infections/Diseases

  • Worries about the future


What are participants saying about Learning Journeys Wellbeing program?


  • “As I write this, I recognize and appreciate the role the sessions played in my life. What I learned helped me deal with the burden of my challenges and not let them get the better of me. Also, the encouragement from knowing I was not alone in going through these is a validation of the solutions learned in the sessions and cannot be replaced.  For this I say, thank you.”


  • I have always been very negative about life. When I face a problem, I tend to intensify it and would find all sorts of excuses to avoid solving the problem. LJ Wellbeing program made me realize that the problem itself will never disappear unless I permit myself to face the problem. The environment of LJ is structured in a way where I am able to look into how people cope with their mistakes, stress, problems and learn from them. These lessons are essential to fulfilling my personal growth and self-improvement. 


  • After attending LJ Wellbeing program, I feel so elated.  I am in a different world; a world that enlightens all.  I have grown and developed tremendously.  I am more optimistic about living and studying in Minnesota, I feel more confident about myself, I have made friends and above all, I have learned to listen to my inner self, make my surroundings appealing and peaceful, value other people because they all boost and improve my wellbeing.


  • This program has helped build my social network, as much as my professional network.  I seek support this way.  Also, the people around me have benefitted from the lessons I learned by attending this program.  Thanks !!!

  • I had the awesome opportunity to join the Learning Journeys Wellbeing program.  It helped me to reduce my stress.  I learned how to build a good and friendly environment. I had the opportunity to connect with others and hear their problems.  I learned that we are facing similar struggles and that we can make it through this together.

  • Attending this program has allowed me to grow (mentally and emotionally) as a person.  I was given the great opportunity to engage in conversations with people who are of different ethnicities and cultural beliefs which had essentially acted as a platform for me to understand the fundamentals of communication.  Through this exposure, I began to be observant, to listen and pay attention to whatever views others have to contribute rather than just being the talker who talks like she knows everything.  I personally believe that this program is very beneficial for all people.  It provides a channel for us to share our troubles and opinions about life in general and better understand that we are not alone.

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