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"This course of study has advanced my expertise in the area of coaching.  I know who I am, I know who I want to be and I know how I can serve others through coaching and leading with my heart.  This education has been a fabulous foundation for the impact I want to have in this world."  

-Robyn Deusterman

Master Coach Practitioner Certification


Coaching is receiving more recognition and gaining greater traction in the field than ever before. As it continues to grow, it needs leaders that are bold enough to hold steadfast to the true standards of coaching while further demonstrating its worth to the world.


How ready are you to lead the field of coaching?  Enroll in Mastery today.  Classes will prepare you to define and move your coaching specialty forward. It will teach you how to develop coaching tools that transform your clients’ experiences.  It will further develop your skills as a masterful coach. And, Mastery will define you as a leader and an expert in the field of coaching through research, interviews and portfolio development. Sign up today. The field of coaching needs you.


Courses & Pricing

Tues 4:30 pm-8:30 pm, Wed 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Thurs 8:30 am-12:30 pm

  • Developing a Coaching Specialty  $825

  • Research and Development $825

  • Specialty Refinement  $825

  • Creating Coaching Resources  $825


Labs & Pricing

Wed 4:30-8:30

  • Developing a Coaching Specialty  $225

  • Research and Development $225

  • Portfolio  $225

  • Refinement Lab $225

Mentor Coaching & Pricing
Anytime during the course work

  • Session One  $165

  • Session Two  $165

Business Side of Coaching & Pricing

  • Session One

    • Defining Your Business DNA

    • Packaging Your Personal Brand

    • Commanding Your Web Presence

  • Session Two

    • Magnifying Your LinkedIn Message

    • Speaking with Confidence at the Front of the Room

    • Launching Your Game Plan



This certification program includes:

  • Workbook

  • Resource Guide

  • Tools

  • Techniques

  • Learning Labs 

  • Peer Coaching Exchange

  • Mentor Coaching

  • Journal

  • Certificate and Transcript

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